MPH-UR is the student education council which works to represent the students who are studying their Master’s in Public Health at Lund University in educational and social matters.

The Master’s of Public Health (MPH) education council works within MF and with program administration and students to ensure quality education, good communication, and a better student environment for MPH students.

The main role of MPH-UR is to ensure that the Lund University Student Rights’ are followed, inform students about current and ongoing progress at all levels, and strive to develop the MPH program in a way which reflects the student’s wishes and is kept up to date. Lastly, MPH-UR organizes social events for students within the MPH program such as the welcome activities for new students during introduction days and the graduation ceremony.
Contact [email protected] if you have any questions directed towards the board or it’s members.

Senaste om MPH-UR